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  • Internal Organs
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School of facecare

Trainee can acquired information about primary face care remedies at home, nutritious facts of every foods and drinks useful for face care, herbs which can grown at garden. Latest tech face care products are also available to purchase.

Facecare training on this courses

Overall Skincare Routine

Beginners to Expert Levels

Research on plastic facial surgery

Scientific facts

Doctors and dermatologist recommendations

Double Cleansing + Sonic Cleansing

Serums + Face Oils

Moisturiser Types: Lotions, Creams, Ointments and Face Mists


Face Masking (Sheet, Dry, Wet, Gel, Clays)

Universal Skincare Approach

Skincare Trends

Toners/Lotions + Pore Treatment

Skincare Ingredients famous

Ayurvedic Articles


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